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Millisle Beach 

Located on the Ards Peninsula East Coast  this beach  that faces East with car parking , public toilets, promenade  and a coffee van in summer months . The centre  of the beach has a large carpark and will be busy during summer months .Two kite locations  - Main beach in front of car park and at the southern end of the beach opposite the borstal (road side parking )  

The south section of beach is a natural lagoon formed by a rocky reef and also has a sea wall and boulder defence wall . The northern section of beach is home to a seal colony and has large sections of rock pools . There is no lifeguard service at this beach . 

Best kitesurfing at mid /low tide but is manageable for intermediates and above at high tide 

Wind directions - East , South East , North East ,  NNE 

Medium waves at mid tide at Borstal end of beach 

Greyabbey Bay

Situated on the shores of Strangford Lough and just outside the small village of Greyabbey access to the water is gained through the football ground that is home to Rosemount Rec.

Greyabbey bay is a high tide only spot which can be accessed 2-3  hours either side of high tide depending on tide height. Rocks at lower water levels therefore  caution required and safety margins  maintained particularly around shoreline.

|Suitable for any riding ability and particularly suited to beginners . Historic fish trap (line of rocks) in the middle of the bay which becomes exposed at low or falling tide.

Wind Directions - South , South West  SSW  High Tide Spot only

Chop and small waves  - Can ride out into Strangford Lough deep water channel and around the small islands 

No Lifeguarding and no facilities however Greyabbey village is a 5min walk 

Greyabbey does not work in any wind direction that starts with W or E  and is an ASSI area nd therefore  protected by legislation

Wardens Bay  

Wardens Bay is a shallow flat water spot near Ards Sailing Club in Strangford Lough This area of Strangford Lough is designated an  Area of Special Scientific Interest and as such particular care should be taken at all times and more so when migratory birds are present. The area is a spot for kitesurfers of all abilities . No facilities available  and parking is extremely limited .

This a low tide spot only. Kiting at anything other than low or mid tide is not recommended and is likely to be hazardous . 

Submerged rocks stones and shells  and a large mussell bed to the south of the beach create potential hazards .There are riding zones which negate these risks

Wind Directions  -  South , SSW , SW WSW , W , North , NW 

Mostly chop and small waves

Caution  - Upwind riding essential for W  WNW , NW or North as the downwind tack is straight down the Lough into the deep water channel 

Ballyholme Beach 

Ballyholme beach is a  busy suburb beach in the seaside town of Bangor . Approximately 1.3km in length with typical rocky shore .The majority of Ballyholme beach is backed by a seawall and a promenade. A car park , public toilets and children's play area are also located here. There are a number of groynes crossing Ballyholme beach which are prominent at mid to low tide . 

Rocky areas of the beach  become exposed at mid to low tide and caution should be applied . Ballyholme is best kited at low or mid tide states. High tide sessions should be avoided as safety margins cannot be maintained 

Wind directions  - North , North West , NNE  and WNW (gusty) 

Small to medium waves particularly on West side of the beach. Too much East or West makes Ballyholme very gusty and unsuitable  - Other beaches offer alternatives

Ballywalter Beach 

Ballywalter Beach is a sandy beach to the south of Ballywalter village. The beach is in a rural setting backed mostly by fields . There are a number of rock pools and rocky outcrops which are submerged at mid to high tide states. Caution required at the left hand side of the beach due to numerous rocky outcrops and small reefs, however the wide expanse of sandy beach from the carpark to the caravan park at the far end is ample space for numerous kiters . 

Mid to low tide preferred for kitesurfing 

Public toilets  available at play area, car parks and shops cafes available in Ballywalter village which is a 5min walk

Wind directions  -  East , North East South East ( SSE and NNE provide cross shore riding ) 

Cloughey Beach  

Cloughey Beach is South East facing and boasts a wide sweep of sand and a section of sand dunes . The beach has a boardwalk and a castle to explore . There are public toilets and a large car parking area. There is a long spit of stones providing protection from Irish Sea swell. 

There is a hidden reef which becomes visible at low tide and requires caution . The northern end of the beach is protected by a break water which provides some flat water options. the beach is plagued by seaweed and  full low tide sessions can be difficult because of the amount of seaweed . Best tide states mid or low tide . High tide sessions can be kiteable but may require launching and landing on the grassy area in front of the car park . High Tide not recommended for beginners  - Use Portavogie on Tide Chart

Wind directions  - South , South East , SSE , East 

Tyrella Beach  

Tyrella is a wide, flat, two kilometre long stretch of beach located within Dundrum Bay, Downpatrick in County Down. It has been awarded the prestigious Seaside Award annually since 1997, the Blue flag award in 2011 and the Green Coast Award since 2008. No need for a can of coke to kill the bugs when you’ve finished riding at this beach!

Tyrella Beach is a popular kitesurfing spot and features small kickers to medium sized waves

Wind Directions  - Tyrella is a south facing beach and will work on anything from ESE to SW, anything beyond SW starts to get gusty as the Mourne Mountains sit directly to the WSW, only a few miles away.

Tyrella can be flown at all tide states, but there isn't much beach left to launch/land at high tide

Tyrella features small kickers to medium sized waves. Ideal for both freestylers and wave riders.

  • Kitesurfing is allowed all year round

  • During the summer months the beach has a lifeguard and a swimming zone which you'll need to stay out of.

  • Features information signs at the beach entrance.

  • Suitable for all abilities.


  • Carpark (free off-season)

  • Mobile snack van

  • Toilets

  • Lifeguard (in the summer months)


  • You'll see wooden posts at either end of the beach. They're easily spotted.

  • There is a reef which is revealed at low tide, at the far eastern end of the beach opposite the far posts.

  • A small patch of stones located in the middle of the beach and show at mid-tide.

Portstewart Strand 

Portstewart Strand is located on the North Coast of Northern Ireland and like its neighbour Portrush is a traditional surfing town This beach   faces West  with on beach  car parking , which is managed by the National Trust and is chargeable in summer months . The beach is 7km long and cars are restricted to the first 500m . Sand dunes form the back drop to this beach all along its entire length

There is a lifeguard service in designated zones . Designated surf school zones near to main beach entrance

Not recommended for beginners due to waves and rips in sections of the beach but for all other abilities and disciplines Portstewart is highly recommended Best kitesurfing at mid /low tide  or a rising tide . 

Wind directions - West , WNW , North , North West 

Waves  - Medium to above head height  and larger .

Upwind riding essential 

Portrush Beaches

Portrush offers several spots all within a 5 minute drive of each other .  East Strand , West Strand and Whiterocks  

East Strand faces NNW , West  Strand  faces West and Whiterocks faces NNE .

Blue Flag beaches which will be very popular and crowded in summer months 


Toilet  and shower  facilities , car parking (Pay and Display at East Strand ) , a height restriction barrier  2.20m is in place but will allow most camper vans . Coffee vans are on site and the town centre is a 5-10minute walk from both East and West Strands.

Lifeguards are present at all  locations in designated zones  although seasonal variations may apply . Kitesurfers must avoid these zones 

Curran (East ) Strand forms part of a 4 km strip that includes East Strand and Whiterocks . To the rear of the beach is an impressive dune system and a boardwalk.

Wind Directions  : West, North , North West , NNE NNW NE

Waves : Medium to above head height 

Best for intermediates and above due to waves and waves heights

West Strand  - Low to Mid Tide  (High tide very little safety margin due to sea wall that runs entire length of West Strand beach) 

East Strand  - Most tide states but mid tide preferred 

Whiterocks  - Mid to low . High tide does not give much beach space and beaches will be busy all year round

Upwind riding essential 

Minerstown Beach 

Located  a 5-minute drive away from Tyrella beach Minerstown beach is located in a small idyllic village . The beach itself has no facilities, no lifeguards, no toilets and parking is limited to  a layby. Popular with windsurfers and walkers the beach is home to a nearby seal colony and ground nesting birds. Therefore, appropriate care and measures should be taken at all times. 

The beach has sections of uncovered bedrock and larger sections of rocks which are visible at low tide 

Best kitesurfing at mid /low tide Beach is best suited to intermediates and above  

Wind directions - South , South West , SSW SSE 

Small to medium waves 

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