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For The Kitesurf Academy kitesurfing is not just a sport, it’s a way of life! And Ireland is one of the best places to start this adventure.

Kitesurfing is an amazing sport, but to ride safely and to ensure good progression it does require proper training, as kitesurfing can be difficult and potentially dangerous without lessons.

Lessons only take place when there enough wind . There are no fixed schedules as we are entirely wind dependent . We need about 14mph to run a lesson program . 

Locations vary as we need to be mobile to adapt to different wind  directions . Predominantly we use beaches in North Down and Ards Pennisula. Check out OUR LOCATIONS

Wind and tide forecasts are  key to ensure the right beach and the correct tide for that beach ! 

More info on wind and tides   



Kitesurf Beginners Course

The one day taster kitesurfing course is aimed at complete beginners and gives you a good idea of what kitesurfing is all about. Initially learning the fundamentals and kite control whilst covering safety, site assessments, and kite set ups, then moving into the water for body dragging and self rescue techniques.


Maximum numbers per group is 2 persons.

2 Hours

£80 per person

(Pay as you Progress £40 per hour)


Our  Express course gives students an insight into the excitement of kiteboarding. Building confidence is key, so following a progressive scheme we focus on grasping the basics of kite control and power handling.

The  Express  course is our most popular kitesurfing course! It covers absolutely everything a complete beginner needs to know to become a safe and self sufficient kitesurfer.

3 hours intensive  

£100 per person

Kitesurfing Progression Course


Kitesurf Full Course  - Zero to Hero
  • The 2 day course is our most popular course to become an independent kitesurfer , covering absolutely everything a complete beginner needs to know.

  • Day 1 kicks things off with some theory and equipment familiarisation, before heading to the water to master basic kite controls and power handling. Come day 2 we pick up the pace, focusing on encouraging independence, we spend the majority of the day looking at the skills needed to transfer the power into board speed and riding.

  • Our aim is for students to finish confident, safe and self sufficient.

  • 8 hour intensive session  

  • £300 per person

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