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DO NOT Pull the bar in !!!

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

DO NOT PULL THE BAR IN . Seems a strange way to start a post ?? But ...

If you have never taken a kitesurfing lesson before then this is probably the most important sentence you can read before beginning your journey to becoming an independent kite surfer. Either that or you have already heard it a million times in your previous kitesurfing lessons probably punctuated with some odd

facial expressions from the instructor.

The basic concept being highlighted here is that when you pull the bar you get more power.... and when you are in trouble (perhaps because you are getting too much power from your kite) and you begin to panic, you are instinctively likely to grip the bar tighter and pull it towards you. Most people do this so that they have something to hold onto whilst they start to crash. However, this will only make you crash even harder. You will end up getting more power just at the point when you wanted less!

99% of the time, when in doubt, it is a far better option to simply either entirely release the bar, or, more commonly, to push the bar gradually away from you.

This not only depowers the kite but also relaxes the tension in the steering lines (on the outside of the bar) which, in turn, makes the kite turn more slowly. So, in your first lesson, if you hear your instructor repetitively saying(shouting to make himself heard ) the words 'release the bar' or 'bar out ' don't worry, its all part of the plan ;) and perhaps one of the most important kitesurfing tips that you can learn.

You can see in the images that the bar is pushed away and everything looks calm and smooth!!!



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